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July 2016 Artist Guild Award

Posted by: Kathryn Carlyle


July 2016 Artist Guild Award


Artist takes first place at Boca Raton Museum Artists' Guild

'Argatha' painting wins top prize at Boca guild
When artist Kathryn Carlyle was 4, she created her first painting, "Purple House," which she still has to this day. When she was 5, she got a handful of pop-it beads from a gumball machine and created her first piece of jewelry.
Still creating after all these years, for the third time, Carlyle just took first place in the Boca Raton Museum Artists' Guild latest exhibit for her painting "Agartha."
"We are thrilled to congratulate Kathryn on her first place win during our most recent exhibition," said Stephen Lombardi, president of the Artists' Guild. "The Guild is a special organization in which local artists have grown and thrived for 65 years. At every juried exhibition, we fulfill our mission to offer our venue for local artists to present, display and receive recognition. This level of exposure encourages us to continually hone and push our art forward."
The painting, depicting a mythical city at the earth's core inhabited by spiritually enlightened beings, is representative of Carlyle's metaphysical and spiritual leanings and her influences, including Willem de Kooning, Pakistani American artist Jamali and British landscape artist J.M.W. Turner.
"Agartha" depicts a large and encompassing sky in which the awe and power of nature are visible and the insignificance of humankind pales in comparison.
"My ideas come to me in dreams," said Carlyle, a Chicago native who studied at the Oak Park Art League. "I don't sketch out my ideas in advance. They evolve organically. When I get in the zone, my ideas flow from outside and from within and make their presence known on the canvas."
"Some," she said, "come quickly, in a matter of hours, while others can germinate for up to two to three years."
She works primarily in three different and diverse mediums - painting; collage and metal fabrication - and her paintings can be characterized as abstract, contemporary or abstract Expressionist.
At the Boca Raton Museum Art School, she studied collage under Eydi Lampasona who said, "Kathryn is an artist's artist."
"Each step she takes artistically is with insight and grace," said Lampasona, who has known Carlyle for eleven years. As her instructor, I've seen her art become more ethereal and introspective. Her aesthetic mantra is less is more."
After relocating to Florida 12 years ago, Carlyle founded Attitude for Design and ran the Arts Arena Gallery in downtown Delray Beach before closing it due to increased rents and proposed new development.
She and her husband relocated to Chapel Hill in Boynton Beach, where she has a studio.
The self-described visionary is not motivated by fame or fortune, and said, "I don't care about ribbons or placing; I just want to create my art and have it in the show. The transference of energy to the recipient is what matters."
An animal activist and environmentalist, Carlyle often paints what she calls "star beings," representative of spiritual enlightenment and awakening and living in the light. In 2012, she won the Boca Raton Artist's Guild Gallery Peoples Choice Award for these paintings.
Carlyle is a member of Women in the Visual Arts and her works have been selected for the Boca Raton Artists' Guild Biennial Exhibition three times and are on exhibit at the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in Saint Augustine.
"I like to help others," she said. "When I'm kind or do good works, it comes back to me in the form of inspiration. And, that's what matters."


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